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Welcome to my “soapbox” and thank you for stopping by. I should tell you before you proceed that as the blog unfolds and as you look around on here, you may at times think that you’ve accidentally clicked an external link and are in another, unrelated, blog site. But have no doubt, these posts and reflections stem from the same mind. My interests and background are interdisciplinary and don’t fit neatly into one box or subject (hence the need to create my own virtual soapbox). My interdisciplinary background is reflected in the writing here.

As a social critic I’m interested in the big picture, but in a way that also looks at the individual parts and how these parts are connected. To this end, I write about all of the following at one point or another: politics, geo-politics, economics, political economy, philosophy, culture, society, consumerism, the media, and, more recently, cosmology and science. While the topics vary, a common theme in the posts is that they are written from a critical (of the status quo, power, modern culture, etc.) perspective.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I am a discourse analyst, writer and performance poet. I spent over a decade as a political analyst—with an emphasis on economic globalization and geo-politics. I also spent ten years as an activist in the anti-globalization movement before the traditional Left was overtaken by identity politics. I presently do not use any political labels (such as left and right) and have written widely and critically about identity-based movements. In recent years I expanded my work to look at how science—and cosmology in particular—impacts broader culture.

As a meta-paradigm and master narrative, cosmology shapes the broader culture in profound ways. At the same time, mainstream cosmology is historically appropriated by larger powers in a manner that serves dominant socio-politico-cultural interests. My current work explores this relationship as well as the emerging cosmological model known as the Electric Universe Model. My articles and essays have been published in numerous online and print publications as well as academically. I hold a BA, MA and PhD in three interrelated fields (political science, communications, and discourse analysis). My doctoral research on the criminalization of dissent through anti-terrorism laws was awarded Best Dissertation from the Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing. The work was funded through the prestigious Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). My poems have been published in numerous books and I have performed spoken word poetry in Canada, the US, and North Africa. I am presently writing a book on cosmology and culture.

I recently became a mother and began the greatest journey of my life.





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9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Victoria said:

    Ghada. It’s Victoria. I thought of you so googled your email and here I am. Great articles!


  2. Dear Dr. Ghada, Just to say sincere thank for your amazing work. Wishing you and yours a very blessed and happy new year.


  3. Ali Mallah. said:

    Sincere thank you. Much appreciated. I also visited your web site. Wow, I was so impressed.


  4. Because you so infrequently post articles, please–I beg you-put me on some sort of email list so that I will be notified whenever you post an article on any website.


  5. Electric Universe Theory ( EUT )


  6. …Sounds like an abbreviation first stated by the holy Ghost muse. I am, simply stated, fascinated. I am hooked on wanting to know more about the, Electric Universe Theory ( EUT ).
    Anthony Adeyemi , internet evangelist minister and alternative prose blogger.


  7. Nice piece on Thunderbolts. So I looked you up. Damn, hot and smart. Color me impressed. And maybe I should have left out that comma.


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