I recently read a news article entitled “DEA agents had ‘sex parties’ funded by drug cartels…” As the article states, a report by the US Justice Department has revealed that, “US Drug Enforcement Administration [DEA] agents working abroad took part in ‘sex parties’ with prostitutes that were funded by the drug cartels they were meant to be battling.” In other words, DEA agents—the people who are suppose to be fighting the US’ “war on drugs”— were partying with hookers paid for by the same international drug lords they are suppose to be fighting and bringing to “justice.” Let’s not forget that these are federal agents, with huge amounts of power to arrest others for illegal, drug related behaviours. I guess it would be counter-intuitive for them to start arresting each other!

I for one am not the least bit surprised. If there’s one thing you can count on in this world, and especially in the US, it is for the people in power—be it political, legal, religious or financial power—to often be complete hypocrites. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if these so-called “drug enforcement” agents were also using drugs at these hooker-filled sex parties. After all, what’s a drug cartel sponsored sex party without some “party favours”!? And considering that these parties were funded by drug cartels, one can assume that the agents wouldn’t have much trouble “scoring some drugs.” I can picture it now; American DEA agents doing lines of cocaine off of foreign prostitutes’ toned midriffs. But I digress, there are no reports (yet) of DEA agents actually doing drugs, so lets stick to the facts at hand, shall we: sex parties with hookers paid for by drug lords!

Now, I am not “personally offended” by this story. Personally, I could give two flying flips if these guys are partying with hookers and drug cartels. Now their wives might not be too impressed but that’s not my issue. No, my outrage is more of an intellectual variety; it is rooted in justice and logic, because these party boys also just happen to be federal DEA agents. Now in a “democracy,” the myth goes, certain forces and institutions—such as, umm, the Law—are given power over the rest of us lowly mortals because they are supposedly righteous and are upholding justice and what is “right.” Of course, they also happen to be the same institutions that define what is “right.”

The biggest issue is the hypocrisy of it all; the utter and brazen double speak and double standard by a system of power that purports to know what is “right” and lawful, and which has the power—and audacity—to police and judge and incarcerate the rest of us—for doing the same “bad” things (or in this case, probably far less bad things than) they do. It’s the same hypocrisy at play when politicians preach family values then cheat on their spouse or when homophobic preachers turn out to be closet homosexuals, etc. But this DEA story is far worse than just personal hypocrisy because it is lawmen breaking the law, drug enforcement officers colluding and partying with mega drug dealers.

Why claim to be fundamentally opposed to something—and condemn and police other people over it—when you are doing it yourself!? Why wage a bogus “war on drugs”—that has incarcerated millions of mostly poor, black and brown males—while participating in the drug trade (1980s contras scandal, anyone)? Why outlaw prostitution and then party with prostitutes on foreign soil? Basically, why break the same laws and rules you mercilessly enforce against the rest of us?

Could it be that the laws are only meant for the lowly masses; that the laws exist to control and domesticate the people—the underclass—while the elites do as they like?! Could it be that, as Kahlil Gibran once wrote, “the nets of the law are devised to catch small criminals only”? When you learn of federal drug enforcement agents who, according to the article, “also were provided money, gifts and weapons from cartel members,” it really makes you wonder! What’s next, are we going to learn that the same government regimes that started a global “war on terrorism” also sometimes support or indirectly fund Islamic terrorists?! Oh, wait. This. Just. In:





http://www.cbsnews.com/news/white-house-isis-a-terrorist-group-but-taliban-an-armed-insurgency/ (an extra treat)