isis-twitterWhat the heck is up with ISIS? No, I don’t mean what’s wrong with them! It’s pretty clear what’s wrong with them; they’re a global gang of murdering, psycho, terrorist thugs, to say the least. That much seems pretty clear. But what is up with them? Something just seems, I don’t know…off. I mean do we ever stop to think or ask, who are these people? From where did they suddenly appear? And who trains, arms and funds them? They popped up on the global stage relatively recently, armed and organized to the teeth, and few really stop to wonder who is funding all of this, who’s backing this, and who ultimately benefits (the most) from these nut jobs.

And have you seen this terrorist group’s membership?! Everything from Islamist fundamentalists to “hoods”/gang bangers from South Central L.A. and teenage female groupies from countries like Sweden, the US and the UK. What a kitchen sink! What do any of these people have in common, other than the fact that they are all possibly insane? And how is ISIS recruiting these people you might ask? Why through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, apparently. Wait, what? Isn’t ISIS a global terrorist organization? And isn’t the US (and the west) currently fighting (for the last 14 years now) a global war on terrorism? Doesn’t the US and the NSA have the most advanced technology and spying and surveillance capacities in the world?! How the hell is a terrorist organization able to create and then KEEP a Facebook or Twitter account in the first place?! Is it possible that the US, a state that is able to tap your phone from Mars or trace your IP address using a paper clip and a battery, cannot seem to shut down a simple Twitter account?! Despite the recent deactivation by Twitter officials of thousands of accounts linked to ISIS (or their supporters), tens of thousands remain. And rather than intervene with its 1984-esque spying technology (as we are made to believe it easily could) the US government has stated that they are simply collaborating with Twitter to “keep an eye on” these accounts. Why not just disable them outright? Wouldn’t that better serve the cause of not promoting or aiding terrorism?!

Everyone knows that if a woman uploads a picture of her breastfeeding her child on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, it will be quickly taken down, yet these sites can’t take down an international terrorist group’s recruitment or fan pages!?? The same goes for YouTube, where the terrorist group has been known to post many a graphic video of beheadings and other autrocities. Perplexingly, rather than block this group’s YouTube channels or videos outright, US State Department representatives have stated that:

“We’ve talked to Twitter and YouTube and others about their own terms of service and making sure that ISIS’s videos or photos don’t violate those, because some of them, as you know, are quite gruesome.” [1]

Wait. What?!! The US government is more concerned with the violation of YouTube’s terms of service than with actually getting such videos off of there completely (in the interest of combating and limiting the spread and promotion of global terrorism)?! Is this for real, have I just entered the terrorism twilight zone? A person cannot post a copyrighted song on YouTube without the copyright brigades taking it down completely but a TERRORIST GROUP is free to keep their videos up so long as they don’t violate YouTube’s “terms of service.” Something just aint right here…

Or hey, maybe it’s just me.