This post is not about Donald Trump, it’s about the mainstream media (MSM). Had the media done the same thing to Hilary Clinton–or any other candidate–and had Clinton won, I would be asking the same question: What will the media do now?

Trump is president. And one of the many burning questions is: What will the media do? Oh to have been a fly on the wall in many a media press room right after his victory was declared. Some in the twitter-verse have hilariously joked that prominent CNN news anchors must currently be on suicide watch. But in all seriousness, what will the media do, now that the man they loved to hate is president? It will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

For months we watched and listened as the establishment media carried out a full on witch hunt and hate campaign against Trump: Trump will start WWIII, Trump is worse than Hitler, etc.[1]. That Trump is a big, bad, uber-evil dude was the official mantra and it was literally everywhere. The hype was so prevalent and so pervasive that I heard it repeated by everyone, from my local bank tellers and grocery store clerks to my nine-year-old nephew. Everyone. And when I asked them why they thought that was the case, few gave rational or intelligible answers; just media sound bites. The nine-year-old gets a pass.

While I watched the spectacle and mass hysteria play out, I kept thinking that it was very strange. I mean here is a man that was once a media darling—have we forgotten that Trump hosted the reality show The Apprentice and has been interviewed by every show from Howard Stern to The View—suddenly being treated like public enemy number one. At first I thought it was all for ratings. Trump is a controversial guy that says outrageous things (even before the campaign) and highlighting this makes for good ratings. But this was way more than shock and controversy for the sake of ratings. Something much bigger and far deeper was at play here. When you compare a person to Hitler that is pretty deep stuff; it’s full on character annihilation.

Why they did this is a topic for another post. But the Trump victory begs the question: Will the mainstream media do a 180 degree turn and be supportive of Trump now that he is the “leader of the free world”? If they do, does this prove just how subservient (to power) the various media are? Or does it simply mean they are fickle opportunists?  Or both? And if they don’t change their tune on Trump, if the MSM continue to deride him after he is president, then will it make us wonder who or what is really running the show? For who or what could be even more powerful than a billionaire that is also the president of the United States?

Some might argue that if the mainstream media continues its anti-Trump posturing, then it is proof that the MSM have integrity and principles, and that this, in turn, suggests that the media is autonomous. Sure, maybe. But if that’s true, where was this media integrity and autonomy when they “turned on him, ” en masse,  in the first place? Lets not forget that in the public portrayal, Trump went from a totally okay, controversial-yet-funny and acceptable dude to…HITLER, almost over night.

And it was uni-vocal; all the mainstream media outlets were on board with the Trump is evil mantra.

So again, now that he is president, what will the media do?

Just some food for thought…


[1] To be fair, there were not a lot of news outlets that compared him to Hitler outright (though I did find a few! ), but the fact that this was even implied (i.e., he is gong to start WWIII, etc) is still too drastic and quite irresponsible.

[2] So far, major media outlets like CNN and the New York Times are sticking to their negative Trump stance.