Author’s Note: Transcript of the poem I performed at the EU 2017 Conference. As this is a performance piece, it is written the way it is meant to be spoken.


Dear Dying System:

I am an observer… but don’t think me mute

Give me a pen and i’ll shoot

Words that ringggg like ammu-ni-tionn

Bringing you dowwwn to pure sub-mi-ssionn…


You see, there’s a flawww in your scientific design

For the people are ready to take back their mindddd

You don’t believe me well here’s the proof

The struggle right nowww is the struggle for truth


We can’t run from this des-tin-y

We’ve been stifled too long by rela-ti-vi-ty

While ignoring the power… of e-lec-tri-ci-ty

An answer….soooo elegant…in its sim-pli-ci-ty


So let’s wield our pen like a thunderbolt

Our voice like a bow and arrow,

Sending out wooords of emancipation

Words for con-scious-ness liberation…

Intended to raise….. our future vibration


Cause if you look realll hard you will find

That truuue freedom, it starts in your mind


So to undo yearsss of scientific confusion

This must be the first site of the re-vo-lu-tion


Because we cannot see if we’re blind…

And the first step is to take back our mind

From theoreticians and… ma-the-ma-ti-cal magicians

Who conjure black holes…while fostering revisions


They confuse us with endless equations….

That contradict their own pedagogical persuasions


So it is time…to…take…the story…from…them

And it is time to name the source from which all things… stem….


It’s s in every starbeing……planet… and flower


It’s time to embrace its ubiquitous presence

And acknowledge its universal power….

Cause there’s a shiftthere’s a shift…there’s a paradigm shift!