And how will we stop them from stopping us?
Asked the man of his henchman

The solution is easy you see,
We just have to distract them;
Keep their eyes and minds off of you and me…

For starters, we have this wonderful thing called the TV
Get them hooked on celebrity, and they won’t have time for us
They wont have time to ask questions or make any kind of fuss

But what about those that don’t watch TV?

Hmm, we could always take them on a shopping odyssey
A lifelong journey through an endless shopping spree
Sell them toys and distractions, and they’ll be as happy as can be

No need to live a meaningful life,
To care about war or corruption or economic strife
It’s rather simple, don’t you see

But surely they’ll grow tired of watching TV
And what could be the purpose of an endless shopping spree?

Not if you convince them that it’s their only reason to be
And that buying shiny things will let them keep good company

But what if they awaken from this blatant fallacy?
Or feel a sense of isolation in this inauthentic reality?

We’ll simply tell them the problem comes from within, not from without
And use their sense of despair to strengthen our own financial clout

We’ll get them lost in diagnoses and create an entire industry…
That funnels money from their pockets straight to our pharmacies
The pills will also keep them docile; it’s a win win, can’t you see!

Well, it’s a lofty idea, but surely such a thing could never be
For would they actually let us rob them of their own humanity?

Well, let’s see…….

© 2018