It is said we fell from grace, prophets and clerics declare it
But what if our fall was not a fall at all
But rather a departure from the cosmic pace
From a natural rhythm that permeates all space
And the natural laws that govern the human race


It is said we are Masters of the earth, science and governments proclaim it
But what if the earth still holds a deeper mystery
And what if science has been the lock and not the key?
What if its answers have kept us farther from the truth?
What if its methods are the veil and not the proof?


It is said that humanity is flawed; History and Laws maintain it
But what if the flaw is not with Man but the Law
What if its justice is not blind for us all?
What if its rules serve the few over the majority?
And what if real justice is not synonymous with authority?


And it is said there is much to fear; pundits and media exclaim it
But what if these fears are only chains of a different kind?
What if being free begins with taking back our mind?
What if we could discover more from our intuition and inner might.
And what if the truth is simply hiding in plain sight?



© 2018