Break my hands and crush my spirit, but my ink will not run dry

Each drop a liquid dagger, which will live even when I die

Some live on through their children, others through the offspring of their mind

I’ve birthed my thoughts on paper, and pray they echo…across time…

To merge with the truth of all the ages, a truth so simple and yet sublime…

A truth that’s known to all true sages: there’s more to life than meets the eye!

A truth shunned by all religions, which make humans crawl when we were meant to fly

A truth whose essence could one day save us: for there are great secrets in the Electric Sky

An electric stream that is all around us…and permeates everything, low or high

A primordial message, destined to reach usthat won’t be ignored and can’t be denied…

It’s a cosmic current…that may some day keep us, for we were not born… just to slowly die